17 Biggest Lies About Weight Loss

Lose Weight And Flatten That Stomach

Do you want to concentrate on your stomach muscles for max benefit? Exercise those muscles deep within your core? It is easy when you know how. Simply add these five exercises to your workout routine and you will soon feel the difference.

Secrets To A Flat Stomach And A Ripped Six Pack

Enjoy a healthy body and a fully ripped six-pack without the cardio, without the pills and dietary aids. Explode the myths and find out the secrets the facts.

Women, The Six Pack Training Diet That Loses Fat And Weight

Women that are deadly serious about getting fit and sexy with their own six-pack need to know exactly what it takes before making their minds up. If you want a six-pack that will put a male underwear model to shame read on…

Women, Weight Loss, A Flat Stomach And Six Pack Abs

Many women are now into extreme workouts including weight lifting as well as extreme dieting in an attempt to look their best. Today’s woman wants to look sexy. If you want to know what it takes read on…

The Ultimate Abs Routine Exercise Workout

Too many people do not realise what it takes to have chiseled abs that an underwear model would die for. They follow the wrong diet and usually the wrong exercises. So if you want chiseled abs read on.

3 Tips to Gain Muscle When You’re a Hardgainer

In this article, you’ll learn why you’re struggling to gain muscle even though you’re working out the right way at the gym. You’ll discover 3 simple tips that will help you to finally get the results that you want!

Flat Six Pack Abs – The Secrets

You will find out exactly how to get ripped abs. These secrets are not your usual work your butt off doing crunches all day exercises. If you demand a sculpted six pack and not a sick pack this article will probably amaze you. The following little known secrets will really help take you to the next level.

Help! My Chest Won’t Grow

It is a common fault in most gyms. Young guys starting on a weights program with the sole ambition to build a well defined chiseled chest. They start each chest program with the bench press punching out 4 sets before they move onto flys, pec deck, dips and finish up with push ups.

Using Dietary Supplements For Muscle Growth And Strength

A skinny frame is not pleasing to the eyes, especially for boys. Women like their men to look strong and a set of ripped muscles induces awe and admiration. Weight training is one way to build muscle mass, the other is right nutrition. However, if you are looking to gain muscle within a short time frame for instance, if you have a modelling assignment coming up, you might need a quicker solution.

Learn WHY You Haven’t Been Building Muscle

Is your body making the most of all the protein you’re consuming? Let’s face it: No protein, no growth.

CrossFit Workout and Powerlifting Strength Programs: Training Cardio and Bodybuilder Hypertrophy

There are millions of training articles and videos out there with only a fraction worth watching. Therefore, having a good summary of what is out there helps you save time. Having the results of hundreds of hours of research and hard work can be useful in presenting the most relevant information back. Whether you are an athlete, crossfitter or bodybuilder, all these videos are very interesting stuff.

Best Chest Exercises for Mass

A strong chest is important for overall health and fitness, as well as looking great! To achieve a killer chest, you need to be doing some key exercises. This article explains which exercises you need to be doing and why they’re so good.

Tips to Get the Perfect Bum

Let’s face it, everyone likes to look at a lovely bottom, and with cosmetic procedures like buttock implants and sales of figure-shaping underwear on the rise, this obsession appears to be going nowhere. There are thousands of articles on the internet that are dedicated to improving your posterior. However, we wanted an article which focuses on healthier, happier lifestyle changes as well as giving you the ultimate butt. So, with this in mind. Here are our top ten tips to get the perfect bum.

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