19 Best Snacks for Muscle Growth

Weight Training for Women Over 50 – Recovering From an Injury

No matter what your age, you can hurt yourself when you’re training with weights. You might have been too aggressive moving up the weights, failed to allow enough recovery time, or used improper form. Recovery is key to returning to the workouts that help with weight loss, increasing muscle strength, and improving flexibility, posture, and balance.

The Importance Of Doing Compound Exercises

This article discusses compound and isolation exercises and the different effects they will have on your training results. Both serve different purposes when it comes to muscle and strength building.

Fitness System, What Considerations You Need to Have Before Getting Started?

Many of my friends and colleagues asked a lot of questions after knowing that I am having routine physical activities to keep fit. Some of them are so excited that they do not want to think twice and immediately decided to join the fun. Are they making the right decision? Only they can answer that question. Sometimes, decision made at the middle of an excitement is not in your best interest. There are considerations that you need to take into account before committing yourself to such activities. These considerations are even critical when you are older and past your prime.

Strength Training for Women and Why We Need It

Strength Training for Women is necessary at any age. Learn why you need it, and how to get it.

A “Cheat” Day Can Benefit You!

Just as your body adapts to exercise, your body will adapt to your diet. If you eat the same thing every day or even just the same number of calories, your body will adapt. That means your metabolism will slow down. Pretty soon your fat loss will plateau. And then you’ll have to eat fewer calories and/or exercise more just to get the same results.

How Much Protein You Need and Where To Get It

Pro Bodybuilders eat about one gram (sometimes even 1.5 grams) of protein per pound of body weight or per pound of non-fat tissue. I’m sure you’ve seen that the recommended daily allowance is well below that. Some experts suggest getting just 10% to 15% of your calories from protein. I suggested you split the difference, track your results and up your levels if you’re not getting the results you want.

Build Muscle The Simple Way

Are you having trouble building muscle? You might be thinking to yourself that building muscle has to be very complicated. If not, everybody would easily look like Mr. Olympian already! Truth is building muscle is simple. Not easy but simple. You just need the right knowledge to fit the key in the hole. After you apply that knowledge you will understand that building muscle doesn’t require a genius to figure it out.

Anabolic Cookbook Review – Find Out The Truth About Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking Book

If you are looking for muscle building fat shredding bodybuilding meals then you need to check out The Anabolic Cooking Cookbook by Dave Ruel. It is jammed full of delicious easy to prepare anabolic recipes that will help you get the muscle you want!

How To Gain Weight: A Method To The Madness

A primary method for weight gain is increasing your calorie intake by eating foods that are good for you. Things to eat to gain weight include foods high in plant fats, whole grain foods and protein-rich servings. Plant fats are preferred over animal fats, because they lack the high amount of unhealthy saturated fats that are found in many meats.

Discover How To Gain Weight And Live A Healthy Lifestyle

Not skipping meals may seem like a no-brainer technique for gaining weight. However, you may not realize how often you skip full meals, until you take a closer look at your daily eating habits. Keep a log of what you eat in a day. Then, carefully assess each meal to determine whether or not your meals include a healthy variety of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vegetables, and fruit.

12 Tips for Building Muscle

Patience is a must when you’re trying to “put on muscle”. Maybe you want to impress some lucky girl or you have a reunion to go to. Putting on muscle is like saving money, if you’re broke its going to take time to build up a nice bank account just like it takes time to put on muscle. Follow these proven tips for the quickest way to build muscle.

Don’t Let A Fitness Diet Kill You

There are literally hundreds of well-meaning souls out there giving all manner of good advice about the ideal fitness diet. The good thing is that they are all right because they can only say so much about what is right and wrong. The fact is though slightly different to the theory, although the advice is good it may not be personal to you.

Building Muscle – Exercise Strategy to Build Leg Muscles

This article will give you good solid advice and summarize an exercise action plan to build leg muscles. Sharing exercise information from bodybuilding experts who started out with skinny legs and built and improve their leg muscles.

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