3 Science-Based Tips to Lose Belly Fat

Workout Time – How Much Time Do You Really Need To Spend In The Gym To Get The Results You Want?

Knowing how much time to spend on your workouts can make the difference from seeing movie quality ripped muscle or burned out coach potato. You’ll be surprised how much time is actually required to get the results you want.

What Are The Benefits of IGF-1 – Ten Facts You Should Know

Insulin-like growth hormone or IGF-1 is beneficial to growth and development, as well as with the aging process. It is a hormone that is produced from the liver after the human growth hormone (HGH) is released.

Extra Push

We all find our selves hitting a plateau from time to time. The question is what can we do to break down the wall and of course get bigger?

How to Get Ripped Biceps Guide

If you want to look strong and fit then you will want to get ripped biceps, they are on show more than your chest or abs. Getting ripped biceps is not as hard or daunting as it sounds just read this how to guide and get them for yourself.

Foods That Build Muscle – Breakfast

Here are specific and delicious options you can chose for breakfast to build muscle fast. These are foods that are easy to find, affordable and you don’t need to be a graduate of a culinary institution to put together. These meals can be put together within minimal time and allow you to stay focused on your goal to build muscle.

Tips on How To Bulk Up Your Body

It seems that almost every place you look, whether it’s online or in magazines, there will be plenty of articles about how to gain weight and muscle mass quickly. The prospect of gaining weight and muscle mass can seem a bit of a task at first, and this is because you are going to have to change your eating habits as well as your exercise routine.

This Group Of Exercises Dictates Workout Quality

The concept of ‘fitness’ has slowly started to work itself in reverse. You might even notice that this has started to happen in your own gym. People seem to be mindlessly working themselves around the gym floor hitting a few pieces of equipment, maybe picking up some dumb bells, hitting the treadmill, and heading for the door.

How to Start Muscle Building at Home

You want to get into shape, but don’t like the gym. Simply read this and learn some exercises you can do at home. Then you can build muscle without ever needing to go to the gym.

Muscle Building Advice

Multi-vitamin. I recommend an inexpensive multi-vitamin from your local drugstore. Do NOT go into places like GNC to get a multi-vitamin because it will not be cheap or tested for safety. If you want a safe, effective multi-vitamin, walk into your local drugstore and get one there. A multi-vitamin is good for filling any gaps in your diet and overall health.

Chest Workouts, What Are the Best Ones to Do?

There are a few particular chest workouts that are really going to be great for you but you just don’t yet know which ones they are. This article will teach you what exercises are best to get you a ripped chest.

Nutrition to Get Mass Muscle

I have people ask me all the time “I live in the gym and I am not getting bigger. Why? Another one I get is “what supplement can I take to get bigger?” Also “what is the best workout to do to get big”? That is just few of many questions I get all the time to get mass muscle. When asked these questions my first response is “how is your diet”? Usually I get a strange look back and then I get asked, “Why”? Here is the truth people you can take all the supplements in the world, you can lift all day and night but it going to help until you eat right. In does not matter whether you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, 70 to 80 percent of that is done in the kitchen. Sorry everyone there is no magic pill or secret workout.

Facial Exercises for Bells Palsy

Bells Palsy, a form of facial paralysis is the inability to voluntarily control facial muscles. However, there are methods for strengthening in order to gain greater control of the facial muscles. According to the Facial Paralysis Institute on Facial Exercises for Bell’s Palsy, facial exercises can help improve the contraction of muscles for individuals that suffer from mild to severe cases.

How To Squat – 7 Tips

This article will give you some basic tips on how to improve your squat and make in safer. Many people squat badly and don’t ensure they’re doing the basics correctly.

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