5 Exercises Most Beginners Do WRONG! (FIX THESE)

The Abdominal Crunch – Working Towards a Flat, Chiseled Stomach

The crunch is the most effective abdominal exercise with the lowest amount of risk. Performed correctly you can negate virtually all risk of injury. While performing an abdominal crunch you should never have your feet held down because this causes a flexor synergy that will decrease the contraction of the abdominals and increase the recruitment of the hip flexors. Allowing the back to leave the ground as in the old-fashioned “sit-up” will have a similar effect and is not recommended.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Something I’m asked about daily, how do I get a six pack? Many of you reading this will have performed endless Ab Crunches and Sit-Ups, some will have bought the latest gadgets and gizmos (such as an Abs toning belt etc.), others will have watched long-winded DVD’s and read whole books on solely this subject matter, however, despite all of your searching and hard work, few of you will have achieved the illusive legendary six pack you desire. The difficulty achieving a six pack, and the rarity of seeing one, is why it’s so coveted. Okay, here’s how we get six pack Abs…

Are You Negating Effects of Vitamin D? Highway to Natural Fitness

Healthy body building requires healthy eating and the importance of Vitamin D in our dietary would be examined. You may not know what you are doing wrong!

Want to Get Ripped and Build Muscle? The 4 Basics That Will Get You Started

Building muscle and getting ripped is not as hard as some people will tell you. If you have the right program and know the basics to building muscle, the process can not only be easy but will be fun.

Best Way to Build Muscle Without Ever Hitting a Muscle Building Plateau

Best way to build muscle without ever hitting a muscle building plateau sounds like the latest infomercial. However, when you periodize your muscle building techniques properly then it’s not uncommon to build lean muscle mass in record-breaking time.

Understand What Distinguishes These Two Retailers – BodyBuilding and GNC

Bodybuilding.com and GNC are two of the biggest nutrition supplement sources out there. Not only do they provide basic supplements, but their main focus is to provide supplements that help people to achieve fitness goal whether it be losing weight or gaining muscle.

Highway to Natural Fitness – 5 Things to Know

The natural way of maintaining healthy body. What do you need to know to stay on the highway? Healthy living comprises of five things which are considered crucial.

Healthy Eating for the Muscle Builder

During this barrage of holiday eating and treats, it is important for the muscle builder to stay focused on the goal. Eating healthy and exercising during this season will keep you from the gains you have made.

Easy Natural Breast Enhancement Exercise

If you ask women if they desire larger and perkier breasts, most would say yes. But most of them will say no to augmentation surgery. The implants might be desired by some, but certainly not everyone. But the good news is there are more than one way to grow your breasts.

Want to Build Muscle and Get Ripped? 3 Things to Get You Started

Starting any muscle building routine or plan can be easy, but there are a few musts that are needed to make the transition to a steady fitness and muscle building plan. You cannot just pump weights, you will get frustrated and end up making little progress.

Gain Muscle and Increase Your Chest by One Inch in a Week

Learn how to quickly build strength and add an inch of muscle to your chest in a week. Follow this push up routine for seven days and you will make incredible gains.

Which Exercises Are Best For Building Muscle?

Millions of people use gyms on a daily basis but if you ask any personal trainer or coach for the most common question they are asked they will tell you it’s people asking how to build muscle. That’s right, despite fitness being very popular few of us actually know which exercises work best and which ones do not.

Learn How To Build Muscle Effectively

If you are like most guys, you’re probably lost in the gym. While most people are trying to figure out how to build muscle the truth is hardly any people progress to actually achieving it. Why is that? Today we explain why, as well as showing you the top five tips for building a bigger, leaner physique.

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