8 Foods Men Should Eat Everyday (Science-Based)

Why Knowing Your Muscle Fiber Type Is Important

Everyone’s body is composed of certain muscle fibers that will help them in either endurance or strength. Some people have more red muscle fibers than white muscle fibers and vice versa. Figuring out your muscle fiber type is not only important to know but it can also affect your training and muscle growth to never before seen heights. By figuring out your muscle fiber type you will know what works for you and what doesn’t and from that you will build an amazing physique.

Eat the Right Nutrition

Any attempt to transform your body either by losing fat or gaining muscle is dependent upon nutrition. However, there are many complicated factors that people in other articles talk about when describing optimal nutrition and these can get confusing for those who are just starting out. Today, I offer a simple way to understand nutrition that is very rough and basic, but is useful to apply and easy to remember for those who are new to bodybuilding!

Ways to Increase HGH for Boosting Muscle Growth Naturally

HGH or human growth hormone is as important for muscle growth as testosterone. A drop in your HGH levels can make it difficult for you to gain lean and hard muscle. However, it is possible to increase lean muscle in the body naturally with simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Moreover, natural HGH supplements can also be of great help.

These 2 Steps Will Help You Build Muscle Quickly!

Summer season is here and the moment has come to unwind and gain some much-needed rest under the sunlight. This is a great time to hit the beach, have barbecues and also swimming pool events at your residence. Summertime is a weightlifter’s dream, because it means one thing; it’s time for the shirts come off and also to exhibit that rock-solid figure they’ve been working with all year.

Testosterone Boosters That Work – Increase Lean Muscle Quickly

Testosterone not only controls muscle growth and development in your body but is also the hormone that regulates your libido and erections. This article lists some natural testosterone boosters that work.

Mental Imagery Is The Super Secret Tip To Gain Muscle Mass

In any kind of sport mental imagery has to be used in order for the athlete to get the best out of their training, and eventually from that they will become successful. The athletes which get the fastest progress and eventually become the best in the world use mental imagery. Don’t believe me, look at Arnold Schwarzenegger his extensive use of mental imagery led him to become the best bodybuilder in the world, actor and eventually governor of the state of California. To gain muscle mass fast you have to use imagination because doing that extra rep or set will make you grow, you just have to imagine it.

Workout Every Day Vs Not Every Day

As I looked back throughout my workout life, I realized I had seen my best results when doing the same thing every day. So I wanted to write a post on Muscles and Muscle growth based on my personal experiences.

Four Reasons You’re Not Losing and Gaining Muscle Mass In The Gym

You’ve been going to the fitness center for a while and you think you’re on the right track. However though you’re not seeing any results. This pisses you off and you end up getting depressed over it, your gym progress halts. You start to wonder what’s wrong and start believing that it’s all your fault when it really isn’t. All you need is a sound plan, see where you made any mistakes at and finally a kick in the ass from me, and you’ll get back on track.

10 Cheap Muscle Building Meals – Grow Big Muscle The Cheap Man’s Way

Here are 10 cheap muscle building meals that are a must for those on a budget. You can grow big muscle without having to spend a fortune on bulking foods. Check these out!

Building Big Muscles – The 5 Myths You Must Know If You Want To Grow

If you want to grow, then you should study these 5 muscle building myths. Don’t waste your time doing things that do NOT work. Check these out if you want to get big.

5 Diet Tricks For Gaining More Muscle Fast

Diet is everything when it come to building muscle. You MUST employ some effective tricks to ensure you build muscle fast. Check these 5 tricks out.

Ways to Enhance Testosterone for Increasing Lean and Hard Muscle

Testosterone is the hormone that controls muscle development in your body. There are some simple and natural ways to increase testosterone levels without opting for testosterone replacement therapy. Natural testosterone supplements are also a big help in stimulating testosterone secretion.

Is Squatting For You?

I guarantee ever since one stepped foot in the gym, they have been told to squat. If one has small legs they’ve been told to squat and if one has a small upper body they’ve also been told to squat. It seems like the answer to everything in the gym is too squat, when in reality squatting is just downright dangerous and a bad exercise to do depending on one’s body type.

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