9 Foods to Avoid to Lose Belly Fat FASTER

5 Must Haves For Fitness

To get on the path to fitness, you need a little more than willpower to get tangible results in a short amount of time. Motivation, while a huge driving factor in how well you do, really only forms the foundation of your goals; no matter how dedicated you are, if you don’t go about things in the right way then you’re simply not going to get the results that you want, which is probably the easiest way to demotivate yourself and end up back at square one before you even realise it.

Cheap Whey Protein – What Is It and How Does It Affect the Body?

Knowing all types and purposes of sports supplements, we can choose the most suitable type of sports supplements that will help us to achieve the desired results. There are some nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are vital for our organism. Since the body can not produce some of the nutrients, people have to get these vital nutrients from dietary sources or supplements.

3 Things You Must Know For Building Muscle Mass

There is more to building muscle mass than just going to the gym and lifting weights. This article will teach you the 3 components you need to successfully transform your body with advice on diet, workout routines, and getting lean. You will have to work, and these 3 tips will help you achieve your goals much quicker than just lifting weights.

Why It’s Fun To Work Out With Kettlebells

There is no shortage of fitness gear lining the walls of gyms or available in the marketplace today. The question always comes down to what is going to be fun for you to use? If you don’t like what you do, you simply won’t want to do it and exercise will feel like work. That can be very tortuous and keep you from achieving the svelte body you have always longed for. It’s a good thing god invented kettlebells several centuries ago. Yes, they HAVE been around that long. It’s just that they recently started getting mainstream props, which leads the untrained eye to think they are new. Calling kettlebells fun is an understatement.

I Built Inches Of Muscle: Learn How You Can Do It With A Simple Principle From The 1970’s

My current physique experiment is to build maximum muscle. I’ve already put on inches on my arms, legs and chest. Lost inches on my waist and we’re less than 3 weeks into the challenge. In this article I’ll share the simple principle that I used. It’s one that’s been around forever, but strangely absent in the bodybuilding magazine feature articles. Can you guess what it is?

The Power of Adopting a Workout Routine

Basic reasons on why you should start adopting a workout routine in your life. The reasons are more obvious than you might think!

Add Muscle Quickly With This Program!

Personal Trainer Todd Brown from Fit Body Toddy Fitness shares the workout program that helped him put on almost 10 pounds of muscle in one month! This program is truly unique!

Bodybuilding Diet Plan for Bulking Up

So you want to add some bulk to your muscles? Learn some of the tips for gaining size from the Austrian Oak. See what Arnold has to say.

Reclaiming Core Fitness

Many of us equate core strength with a flat belly or six-pack abs. And while those may be motivating goals to you, there are so many more benefits that come from improving core strength than how your midsection looks, including improved posture, better balance, reduced back pain and easier breathing.

7 Strength Training Tips for Building Muscle Safely and Successfully

When people first hear the word strength training, it is a general tendency to look the other way, for this sort of exercise is widely considered a thing of bodybuilders. Although,it is far from being true.This article will introduce readers to 7 tips that can ensure a successful muscle building endeavor with no regard to how old one is or where and what financial background one is coming from.

The Real Way to Gain Muscle

To gain muscle, you have to force it to grow. You have to give it a reason to grow. If you lift 5lbs every day of your life, your body will make sure you have enough muscle and strength to lift 5lbs. You won’t give your body a reason to change. How do you give your body a reason to grow? You lift heavy sh*t!!

Bodybuilding Without Steroids, Milo Secret To Building Strong Muscle

Bodybuilding Without Steroids, Milo Style! Here’s what it means: if you’re a drug-free lifter with average, or worse, lousy genetics like me, then building muscle boils down to this… If You Are Not Lifting More Weight Today Than You Did 12-Months Ago, Or Even Four Weeks Ago… Then You Are NOT Building Muscle!

Do You Need To Use Muscle Building Supplements?

What a subject, sure to ruffle some feathers! Most respected fitness, exercise, bodybuilder and nutrition experts have one thing in common, they disagree with each other on the subject. Are supplements worthwhile, useful or even necessary at all. Some think that as long as you follow a healthy diet, vitamins and other healthy supplements are not necessary. Others see vitamins and the like as kind of an insurance policy for your health. And then there are the advocates of mega-vitamin supplementation.

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