5 Exercises To Reduce Body Fat – ONLY 5 MIN!

Can Your Fitness Tracker Work Against You?

Fitness trackers are all the rage right now, but there’s one aspect of fitness tracking most people never think about – the tracking part. Just like a cellphone or any other tracking device, a fitness tracker logs data related to your whereabouts (or past whereabouts). In other words, your fitness tracker could work against you!

Caregiver’s Self-Kindness: Finding What Works Best

Your can can get so busy that you forget about self-kindness. “I’ll do something for myself tomorrow,” you think to yourself. But tomorrow turns out to be busy, too, and before you know it, self-kindness has fallen by the wayside. How can you remedy this?

Eat Out, Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Take a minute to listen to my top 3 dining out tricks so you can continue to eat out AND stick to your healthy eating plan. Also, I have a delicious SHRIMP SCAMPI RECIPE for you. This recipe is so easy and quick (15 minutes) you might just decide to stay home and cook dinner for your friends instead of eating out.

Calling All Men to Focus on Scoring Better Health

June recognizes a number of health-related dates. It is noted as Men’s Health Month and includes Men’s Health Week. Additionally there is also Wear Blue Day the color that is designated to raise awareness and educate men and women about the importance of men’s health. Whether it is a day, a week or the entire month, I want to encourage men to note and not ignore the signals their bodies may send that there is something out of order.

What Everyone Ought to Know About Poop

Poop may still not be a topic at the dinner table, preferably not. You should, though, pay attention and be aware of changes that occur to determine if long term your gut is in good health.

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