Cardio vs Weights (Best Way to Burn Fat)

Prince Made Us Dance & It’s Healthy

There has been a lot of dancing in the streets and reflections on music as a backdrop to life experiences. In musing over the changes that occur when the music from a legendary artist stops, we don’t think about the importance of music in helping us stay healthy. Moving more and eating less means fitting exercise of some type into your daily routine.

Awareness About Incontinence and Incontinence Products

Now-a-days, we can see that the market is flooding with Incontinence products be it for kids or adults. But do we really know what incontinence is?

What Are Normal Pulse Oximeter Readings?

Learn about the benefits of using a pulse oximeter. Also learn what healthy readings should be.

Can Drinking Too Much Water Kill You?

Everyday we are told to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water if we want to lead a healthy life, but things are a bit different actually. As long as our body doesn’t ask for more water, there’s no need to consume it, because a too high quantity can even lead to death. But really, can drinking too much water kill you? There were a lot of studies in the past years, that discovered the high risk of water poisoning in professional athletes or people with intense physical activity. And these risks are by no means a walk in the park.

Minor Fixes: Getting Patched Up at the Walk-In Clinic

If you have a minor injury, and it is the weekend or after hours, consider visiting your nearest walk-in clinic. They provide quality care with speed.

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